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I will make a friendship by heart, and I always look for it. The true friend and the real best friend is my relationship's goals. that's why I appreciate the honesty, fairness, and pure relationship. "open minded" is the word that represent me. "Humble" is my obsession.

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IT Fashion on Outcomes

I. Introduction I.1. Background Currently business organization face the unavoidable fact that Information Technology always evolving consistently. Many organization stubbornly cling to the believe that having the advance and latest technology will enhance their performance, because by adopt and utillize … Continue reading

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Menggabungkan Dunia Nyata dan Virtual dengan Teknologi Augmented Reality

Mungkin kita sering melihat di film-film, dengan menggunakan kacamata khusus informasi dari benda yang dilihat atau profil dari orang yang ada di depan kita akan muncul di layar virtual yang ada di dalam kacamata tersebut. Sekarang, teknologi ini bukan lagi … Continue reading

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Hello everyone…!!!

this is my blogs Find and share the wisdom in this blog. thanks

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